The process of becoming a member of the Pass Christian Yacht Club involves the following:

  • A prospective member must complete a written application for all classes of membership.
  • He or she must be nominated as a candidate by four (4) stockholding members of the PCYC. Children of members may become Junior Members if they are sponsored by their parents and/or legal guardians. A proposed Junior member whose parents are not members must be sponsored by two Senior, Associate, or Intermediate Members.
  • The written application must be signed by all four sponsors and returned the Membership Chairman. Please fill out the application in its entirety and provide references.
  • The sponsors will be contacted to provide references on your suitability for Club membership. This procedure is intended to illustrate the relationship each sponsor has with each candidate.
  • The entire membership is notified of the prospective member by posting his or her name and sponsors on the Club bulletin board and in club media. Members are asked to provide any information, objections or recommendations that could impact the proposal.
  • The Board of Directors shall approve or disapprove the application.
  • Once approved for membership and payment of dues, assessments, initiation fee and purchasing of a share of stock if applicable (required of senior members), the candidate will become a member of the PCYC.


Membership Levels
  • Senior Members
    • Must be over the age of 21.
    • Must purchase a share of PCYC stock upon joining at this level

  • Associate Members

    • Single, widowed, or divorced female.

  • Intermediate Members

    • Married or unmarried men or women between the ages of 21 and 35.

  • Junior Members

    • For ages 12-20 years old
    • Must be sponsored by an adult member of the club.  This sponsorship must be renewed every year.

  • Non-resident Memberships
    PCYC does have non-resident membership for members living 75 nautical miles or more from the Clubhouse.  To be eligible, the member may not own nor make use of a residence or vacation home within the residential boundaries of PCYC for two weeks or more out of the year.

  • Military Memberships

    • To be eligible for this membership class, he or she needs to have obtained their 28th birthday and must be on active duty.  Membership is valid for a two year period from the date of Board approval.

All adult members are responsible for an initiation fee, dues (payable on joining) and an assessment (payable over two years).  Once these have been paid, each member is responsible for his or her monthly dues and any other charges incurred during club usage.